Context of The American universal geography: or, A view of the present state of all the empires, kingdoms, states, and republicks in the known world, and of the United States of America in particular. : In two parts. : The first part treats of astronomical geography, and other useful preliminaries to the study of geography, in an enlarged and improved introduction--of the western or American continent--of its discovery--its aboriginal inhabitants, and when they came--its divisions--but more particularly of the United States of America, generally and individually--of their situation, extent, civil divisions, rivers, lakes, climate, mountains, soil, produce, natural history, commerce, manufactures, population, character, curiosities, waters, springs, mines and minerals, military strength, government, islands, history of the war, and succeeding events--closing with a view of the British, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and other dominions, on the continent and in the West-Indies. : The second part describes at large, and from the latest and best authorities, the present state, in respect to the above-mentioned particulars, of the eastern continent and its islands--as divided into Europe, Asia and Africa--and subdivided into empires, kingdoms and republicks. : To which are added, an improved catalogue of names of places, and their geographical situation, alphabetically arranged: an enlarged chronological table, of remarkable events from the creation to the present time: a list of ancient and modern learned and eminent men:--and a table of all the monies of the world, reduced to federal currency. : The whole comprehending a complete and improved system of modern geography, calculated for Americans. : Illustrated with six maps, and accompanied by a new and elegant general atlas of the world, containing (in a separate volume) sixty-three maps, and comprising all the new discoveries to the present time.

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