Context of The Battle of Waterloo; or, A faithful and interesting history of the unparalleled events connected therewith; : from the period of Bonaparte's escape from Elba, to his arrival at St. Helena: : containing a circumstantial narrative of the decisive victory obtained over the French by the allied armies, on the Plains of Waterloo, June 18, 1815. Under the command of those illustrious generals, the Duke of Wellington & Prince Blucher. : Collected from official documents. Interspersed with biographical and characteristic anecdotes; and remarkable instances of personal heroism, displayed on that memorable occasion. : Likewise an account of the most striking occurrences in the government of France: with the trials and execution of Ney, Labedoyere, &c. : Also, the surrender of Bonaparte on board the Bellerophon, and his final banishment to St. Helena. : With a geographical history of that island. : Illustrated with plans of the battle, portraits, &c. Beautifully engraved, (electronic resource)